Minimize your environmental impact

10 Simple Ways to Minimize your Environmental Impact 

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are a trend on the rise, and we are here for it! Younger generations are not afraid to speak out and educate others about protecting the environment and changing lifestyle habits. There are many simple ways to minimize your individual environmental footprint that could positively influence others around you, but here are 10 to start: 


1. Shop Smart, Buy Green and Avoid Plastic


Think twice before buying something and prioritize eco-friendly and locally produced products. Choose refill recipients, avoid plastic and use your own reusable shopping bag.


2. Save Water


Reduce your water waste while taking a shower, doing the dishes etc., but don’t forget to buy a reusable water bottle and to drink tap water whenever it is good for human consumption.


3. Reduce and Recycle your Garbage

always recycle your garbage - advise by azores youth hostels

Start by reducing your general amount of garbage and always recycle it. Your garbage will be transformed into something new!


4. Avoid Excessive Energy Consumption

Avoid Excessive Energy Consumption - azores youth hostels

Make sure you turn off all the electronic devices when you’re not using them and be responsible with your electricity use. When it comes to your home or a corporate building, opt to install solar panels.


5. Use Eco-friendly Transportation

Use Eco-friendly Transportation

We know this one might be difficult, but try to use public transportation when possible. If there’s not much available in your area, use ride-sharing apps. When buying or renting, prioritize cars with low emissions.

6. Eat Healthier

eat healthier for a better planet

What we eat has a huge impact on the environment, so rethink it! Reduce your red meat consumption and try to have more vegetables, fruits and white meats instead (but while in the Azores, you should definitely try our bife à regional and our alcatra at least once!). For vegans and vegetarians, the Azores’ restaurants also have a lot of delicacies to offer. 


7. Support Local Businesses

shop local - advice by azores youth hostels

Stimulate local business and your community economy and help avoid the production of more greenhouse gases from the transportation of merchandising from one place to another (by road, plane or even boat).


8. Give Back to Nature

give back to nature and plant trees

Our society relies heavily on deforestation for building and construction, so we should make it a priority to replant as many trees as we can throughout our lifetime. Trees are an important part of the earth’s delicate ecosystem and they purify the air we breathe, so it is important to preserve the forests and natural parks around the globe. 


9. Prioritize the Digital

prioritize digitals subscriptions azores youth hostels

When subscribing to a newsletter, newspaper, magazine, catalogue etc., always opt for paperless, digital subscriptions. It means less paper, less greenhouse gases from transportation, and the power of saving the materials to read later without having the living room table filled with unnecessary advertising. 


10. Practice Eco-friendly Tourism

practice eco friendly tourism with azores youth hostels

When travelling, make sure the place you’re staying is committed in reducing its ecological footprint and is a part of some sustainability-focused network (like us). When going to a restaurant or bar eat locally produced ingredients, always choose glass water and juice bottles and avoid using plastic straws. Shop at local businesses, protect the oceans and respect all of the good citizenship rules worldwide.